Heat Resistant Wall Paint > 1 x 500ml Heat Resistant Wall Paint Metallic Satin Gold.

1 x 500ml Heat Resistant Wall Paint Metallic Satin Gold. (844)


Product Information. 

Ideal for use on walls and in alcoves for wood-burners, multi-fuels, stoves, dog grates etc.

Resists heat to 190C which is nearly twice the boiling point of water.

Suitable for use on Brick, Concrete, Rendering, Metal, Cast Iron, Timber, Plaster, Plaster-Board, Cement Board, Previously Painted Surfaces and similar building materials.

Easy brush or roller application.

Stunning satin finish.

Touch dry in around 2 hours. 

What you are buying. 

This is a Heat Resistant Paint Wall paint in a Satin Finish.

Formulated for use on walls and fire surrounding alcoves etc.

Ideal for use in a wide range of environments around the home, at work, in the caravan, on the boat, hotel, care home etc. 

How to use: 

1) Ensure the surface is clean and dry.

2) Stir the paint to ensure uniformity.

3) Apply with a good quality brush or roller.

4) Touch dry in 2 hours.

5) Clean tools with brush cleaner.   

Size & coverage: 500 mls which will cover 50 to 60 square feet subject to porosity of the substrate.



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