Playground Paints > 500ml Black Anti Slip SOFT FEEL Paint Playground Equipment Step Slope Hand Rail

500ml Black Anti Slip SOFT FEEL Paint Playground Equipment Step Slope Hand Rail (20000004)


Product benefits:

Unique “Soft feel grip” that is comfortable to use, child friendly and has excellent grip and anti-slip properties.

Contains Flexible Crumb Rubber for this unique, “Soft feel” that is very comfortable to use compared to the commonly used aggregates or grits.

Helps to improve the safety of your play area.

Excellent adhesion to almost any surface such as: Metal, hard and soft plastic, previously painted surfaces, aluminium, chrome, powder coated metal, timber, concrete, brick, MDF, fibre-board, rubber, rope etc.

Ideal for use where safety underfoot is required such as: Ramps, stairs, inclines, sand pit edges, climbing frames, play towers and similar.

Excellent for giving extra hand grip and stability on equipment such as: Hand rails, grip handles, sea saw seats, swing seats and ropes, trapeze handles, tyre swings, zip ropes  and similar.

Outstanding flexibility, grip and weatherproof properties.

Suitable for interior and exterior use.

Simple to apply on a wide range of surfaces where grip or anti-slip properties are required.

Water based product which means it is non toxic and has no odour, ideal; for use in sensitive environments such as: Schools, nurseries, play groups etc.

Contains anti-corrosive pigments which means this paint is Self Priming making it ideal for use direct to un-painted ferrous metal.

Quick & easy to use, touch dry in around 1 hour, fully dry and ready for use overnight.

How to use:  

1) Ensure the surface is clean and dry.

2) Stir the paint prior to use to ensure uniformity.

3) Apply with a good quality brush.

4) If a second coat is required it should be applied at 900 to the first coat to reduce any bald patches.

5) Clean tools in water.

Colours:  Black.

Size & coverage:   500mls cover 14 to 20 square feet subject to application and texture of the surface.



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