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Repair Granite Worktop Kit. Natural Artificial. Stone Marble Quartz Any Colour (909)

Product Benefits:

This kit repairs all colours of natural or artificial: granite, marble, stone, Corian® worktops and similar.

The ideal kit for repairing chips, scratches and other cosmetic surface damage on worktops.

This kit will repair ANY COLOUR worktop made from natural or artificial: marble, stone, granite etc. see our tutorial on You Tube, link below.

No colour matching required, please view the You Tube video clip below to see how easy and effective a repair is.

A three stage polishing process to ensure a professional quality repair tat is 99% invisible.

UV cured to a heat resistant finish that does not shrink back over time.

Product information:

Natural and artificial stone, marble, granite etc. are of course solid all the way through.

This means that they are coloured all the way through.

However to make these materials suitable for use in the home as worktops they are polished to a smooth glossy finish to reveal their true colours.

If this smooth glossy surface is scratched, chipped or damaged in any way it will show as a dull white mark on the surface of the worktop.

The really clever bit about this kit is that the Resin Filler is completely clear, therefore it fills and levels the damage whilst using the original colour contained in the worktop to give an exact colour match.

The key to a successful repair is all down to the quality of the final polishing, this kit contains the materials for a unique three stage polishing process, which will give you a professional quality repair.

This kit contains all you need to achieve a professional quality repair.

Each Kit Contains:

1 x Syringe Natural & Artificial Stone Resin Filler – This resin filler is Clear which means it will work on all colours.

2 x Micro Dispensing Tips.

4 x Clear Film Curing Strips

1 x Wooden Levelling Spatula.

1 x Ultra Violet Curing Light.

3 x Special Sandpaper (Light brown in colour for the first stage of polishing).

1 x Micro Sanding Cloth (Grey in colour for the second stage of polishing)

1 x Syringe Polishing Paste, for the third stage of polishing.

1 x A5 Cotton Cloth

How to use:

The easiest way is to watch our You Tube Tutorial:  Please Click on this link


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