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1 x 150ml Fluorescent Pink Heat Resistant Brake Caliper & Engine Paint (543)


Product benefits: Resists heat to 190C / 400F which is twice the boiling point of water.  Single pack product use straight from the tin no mixing required. Easy brush application. Self priming. Gives a tough durable and high gloss finish. Resistant to salt spray, oils, heat, grime etc.  Excellent opacity. Touch dry in around 1 hour.  Excellent durability.

Free delivery to any UK post code. (Others at cost please email for a price). 

What you are buying:  This is a 150ml tin of Gloss Caliper Enamel Paint. This paint is a heat resistant gloss enamel specifically formulated for use on brake callipers & engine blocks etc. Ideal for all restoration work on Classic Cars, Custom Cars, Military Vehicles etc. 

This product can also be used in a wide range of environments around the home, at work, in the caravan, on the boat etc. Resistant to heat, petrol, diesel, grime, stone chipping etc.  Ideal for: brake calipers, engine blocks, rocker covers, pipe-work, hot boxes, storage tanks, cladding, guarding, boilers etc. 

How to use:

1) Ensure the surface is clean and dry.

2) Stir the paint to ensure uniformity.

3) Apply with a good quality brush or roller.

4) Touch dry in around 1 hour. 

Size:  150mls. 

Coverage:  12 square feet, this is enough to paint 4 brake callipers with two coats easily.


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