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1 x Tubby Kit. Paint Bath, Shower Tray, Tile Wall, Tile Floor, Basin (310)


Product benefits:

Re-paint and restore any worn out bath, shower tray etc.

Bonds to: porcelain, ceramics, cast iron, fibre glass, plastic, metal etc.

Makes bath, shower tray, wall tiles etc look like new.

Will not crack or peel with hot water. Covers 30 sq/ft p/kit.  (The size of a normal bath).

Epoxy resin system.

Simple, safe and quick to apply to apply.

FREE DELIVERY to any UK mainland address. (others at coat please e-mail for a price).

Also suitable for kitchen appliances such as refrigerator, cooker, washing machine etc.

This product is also availible in an Anti-Slip finish for a small additional cost. Please ask for details.


What you are buying:

The Tubby Bath re-painting kit is a simple way to restore your bath, shower tray, kitchen appliance etc to new.

Tubby is a tough, durable epoxy finish that is ideal for all baths, shower trays, tiles walls & floors etc.

Ideal for use: at home, work, changing rooms, schools, nursing home, caravan, boat & yacht etc.

This proven formula works on worn out, discoloured or badly stained surfaces.

Save hundreds on the cost or replacing or resurfacing.

Tubby Kit is also brilliant for refurbishing kitchen appliances such as: refrigerator, washing machine, cooker etc.

Colour: White.

Size: Standard kit which contains: 1 x 400ml tin epoxy coating. White. (Covers a normal bath of around 30 sq/ft). 1 x 100ml tin epoxy hardener. 1 x roller frame. 2 x roller heads. 1 x paint tray. 1 x 13mm paint brush. 1 x 10mts masking tape. 3 x plastic bags. (Tap covers). 2 x sheets abrasive paper. 1 x spatula. 1 x cleaning sponge. 2 x pairs gloves. 1 x dust mask.


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