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1 x 150ml Royal Blue Gloss Shower Tray Paint (306)


Product benefits:

Stunning Royal Blue gloss finish.

Ideal for re-painting shower all types of trays.

Easy to clean and resistant to all household cleaners.

Easy to apply and dries in under 1 hour.

FREE delivery to ANY UK Post Code.   (Others at cost please email for a price).


What you are buying:

Tough, durable with excellent water resistance properties.

Ideal for use on all shower trays and bases i.e. Fibreglass, plastic, enamel, GRP etc.


How to use:

1) Ensure the surface is clean and dry.

2) Stir the paint to ensure uniformity.

3) Apply with a good quality brush or roller.

4) Touch dry in 1 hour hard dry overnight.

5) Clean tools with a proprietary brush cleaner.


Size & coverage: 125mls which will cover 10 to 12 square feet.

Colour:  Royal Blue.


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