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1 x 150ml Jet Black Anti Slip Shower Tray And Bath Paint (304)


Product benefits:

Comfortable, finely textured, anti-slip finish.

Provides safety underfoot.

Attractive Black finish.

Helps prevents slips & trips.

Excellent waterproof properties.

Easy to clean and resistant to all household cleaners.

Easy to apply and dries in under 1 hour.

FREE delivery to ANY UK Post Code.   (Others at cost please email for a price).


What you are buying:

Dries to a finely textured finish that is tough, durable with excellent anti-slip properties.

Provides safety underfoot on all shower trays and bases. Ideal for use on all shower trays and bases i.e. Fibreglass, plastic, enamel, GRP etc.

Excellent waterproof properties.


How to use:

1) Ensure the surface is clean and dry.

2) Stir the paint to ensure uniformity.

3) Apply with a good quality brush or roller.

4) Touch dry in 1 hour hard dry overnight.

5) Clean tools with a proprietary brush cleaner.


Size & coverage: 125mls which will cover 10 to 12 square feet.

Colour:  Jet Black.


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