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1 x Cream Cracked Shower Tray / Base Repair Kit Anti Slip (301)


Product benefits: 

Repairs cracked shower trays.

Bridges cracks and dries to a flexible rubbery membrane.

Dries to a comfortable, finely textured, Anti-Slip finish.

Excellent adhesion making it ideal for use on all shower trays and bases i.e. Fibreglass, plastic, enamel, GRP etc.

Provides safety underfoot.

Low VOC`s making it safe to use in sensitive areas.

Attractive Cream finish.

Helps prevents slips & trips.

Excellent waterproof properties.

Easy to clean and resistant to most household cleaners.

Easy to apply and is touch dry in 1 to 2 hours.

FREE delivery to ANY UK Post Code. (We can ship to any country please email for a price).


What you are buying:

This is a high build, rubberised paint and the dry film can stretch up to 200% thus moving with the structure and ensuring the crack remains sealed even when the shower is use.

Dries to a finely textured finish that is tough, durable, with excellent anti-slip properties.

Provides safety underfoot on all shower trays and bases.

This kit contains: 1 x 300gm Cracked Shower Tray Repair Paint. 1 x 40ml Shower Tray Cleaner. 1 x Wet & Dry. 1 X Paint Brush. 1 x Instruction Leaflet.

How to use:

1) Clean the surface with the cleaner supplied and a clean cloth.

2) Stir the paint to ensure uniformity.

3) Apply with the brush supplied or a good quality roller leaving the shower door open to allow ventilation.

4) Touch dry in 1 to 2 hours, leave to dry for a minimum of 6 hours then apply the second coat.

5) Fully cured and ready for use 48 hours after applying the second coat.

6) Clean tools with water.

Size & coverage: 300 grams which is sufficient for two coats on a standard shower tray.

Colour:  Cream.


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