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1 x 10ml Silver Scratch Repair Touch Up Paint TV Video Fridge (105)


Product benefits:

Excellent Silver satin finish.

Easy to apply using the touch up brush fitted inside the cap.

Repairs and hides minor scratches, scuffs & chips etc on all Silver appliances such as: TV`s, Video, DVD, Refrigerators, Cooker, Furniture, fixtures & fittings etc.

Tough, durable and hard wearing.

Touch dry in around 1 hour.

FREE Delivery UK post codes only. (others at cost please e-mail for price).


What you are buying:

Silver Touch Up Appliance Enamel is a handy 10ml bottle complete with application brush fitted inside the cap.

This product is ideal for repairing minor scratches on all Silver household appliances.

Formulated using special toughened resins to provide a tough durable scratch repair to domestic appliances.


How to use:

Ensure the scratch is clean and dry.

Shake the bottle prior to use.

Unscrew cap. Wipe off excess paint.

Apply using the brush inside the cap.

Deeper scratches may require a further coat.


Size: 10mls. 

Colour: Silver.

Technical Data: Dry film appearance Satin. Touch dry @ 20oC 60 minutes. Through dry @ 20oC Overnight. Thinners & tool cleaning White spirit. Flash point Above 32oC. Shelf life 12 months unopened. 


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