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1 x 10ml White Gloss Scratch Repair Paint Door Furniture Fridge (101)


Product benefits: Excellent gloss finish. Repairs minor scratches, scuffs & chips etc on: Paint work, furniture, appliances, fixtures & fittings. Really easy to use with the touch up brush inside the cap. Tough, durable and hard wearing. Touch dry in around 1 hour. FREE UK postcode delivery. (Others at cost please e-mail for price).  What you are buying: Touch Up White Gloss Enamel is a handy 10ml bottle complete with application brush fitted inside the cap. This product is ideal for repairing minor scratches to all household white surfaces such as : Doors, windows, furniture, appliances, fixtures, fittings, bath, shower, tiles etc. Formulated using special toughened resins to provide a tough durable scratch repair to most domestic surfaces. Ideal for use at: Home, caravan, boat etc. This product is easy to apply with the brush fitted inside the cap. How to use: Ensure the scratch is clean and dry. Shake the bottle prior to use. Unscrew cap. Wipe off excess paint. Apply using the brush inside the cap. Deeper scratches may require a further coat. Size: 10mls.  Colour: White. Technical Data: Dry film appearance Gloss. Touch dry @ 20oC 60 minutes, Through dry @ 20oC Overnight. Thinners & tool cleaning White spirit. Flash point Above 32oC. Shelf life 12 months unopened.  


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